Where Telecoms Technician Gets His Ideas From

In order to justice to his trade, the telecoms technician has to be fully qualified. Clients who turn to ‘technicians’ who have no qualifications whatsoever to show have only themselves to blame. And they set themselves up for all the shocks that could or are likely to occur. It just depends on how low they have been prepared to sink, and let’s not talk about the price. You remember what was said about being wary of cheap imitations? Well now. The qualified telecoms technician will be getting his ideas and inspiration from a telecom equipment company.

telecom equipment company

That’s just in case you were wondering, and good if you were. A qualified technician has been fully trained. He can do two things before officially embarking on his career. He could attend a technical college. Or he could serve out time as an apprentice with the telecom equipment company. This second suggestion might not be a bad career move. That’s assuming that the company will be fully licensed and certified as well. His trade papers will be in good order and recognized by the industry body that governs the standards set.

The telecom equipment company could have fingers on two buttons. The first button acts as a general but qualified go-between between manufacturer and customer. He will be acting as an agent of last resort. He handles the administration and supervision of all new installations. The second button will be pushing things along in the factory. The company will be manufacturing the goods, but generally this is not the case. Because this really is a specialized industry. Each representative has his or her own specialist tasks to see to.

As for the customer who chose to go as low as possible¬Ö